Black Thumb Calligraphy

Vintage one of a kind Inkwells from the 1700s through the 1920s, porcelain limoge, crystal, cast iron or wood, each inkwell is researched and documented as to its country of origin and condition. If you bond with it, buy it, we seldom see the same inkwell twice.

Inkwell of the week!

​This amazing silver plated inkwell with crossed rifle pen holder is hallmarked and made in Boston in the 1890's      $285


​​​Classes and Workshops 

From beginning students just wanting to learn how to write beautifully to advanced students wanting to master copperplate, compressed Gothisized italic and many other styles, Black Thumb can help you to learn calligraphy in a fun and challenging Victorian  studio or in your city at a customized workshop for 10-25 people.

Black Thumb stocks over 10,000 vintage nibs from around the world. Vintage nibs, manufactured with quality steel and hand ground tips by craftsmen of a bygone era. These new new old stock nibs are unique, beautiful and functional. We stock all of the "Dream Nibs" and many newly discovered wonders.

Calligraphers don't lie... they just Embellish.